"Over 70% of All Website Visitors To Your Page Leave In Seconds!"
Unless Of Course You Command Their Attention...

Which Is Why Instant PopOver was Created. An easy-to-use Software Application for Windows that Pops Out Brilliantly Powerful Attention Magnets That....

Far Out Performs Ordinary Opt-In Forms
Beautifully Transform Old Boring Sales Letters

If you want to be more than successful online, you need to change the way you do every-day business

When the Public Change, Your Marketing Must Change!

Use Movement To Invoke an Instinctive Response

Movement Is IMPOSSIBLE to Ignore!

This is the principal of the secrets to the power of Instant PopOver.

Get your visitors undivided attention for a few seconds!  That's all it takes for you to deliver a message to them. 


Instant PopOver v3.0

Version 3.0 of this incredible software is better than ever!  We listened to our users and packed in virtually every feature we possibly could. 

The results are a MASSIVE upgrade!

And the software was rebuilt from the ground up with the latest programming technology that gives you a robust software application in an easy to use package.

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"What's New in Instant PopOver
Version 3.0?"

12 Graphical Window Styles You can now customize your float in or pop-up windows like nobody's business  You will get just the look you want for your site matching color and style to your taste
Peeling Corner AdsBelieve it!  There is no need to buy a separate application just to create irresistible "Peeling Ads" because they are just 1 of the 6 types of Instant PopOver ads you can create in minutes!
Use Your Own Graphical Windows You can add your own photos, images, or graphics to create your own PopOvers.  If you want a tennis ball or a $100 bill, you can do it
Cool New Window Effects  —  If you go with pop-up windows, you can pop them on and off as always or use one of 8 brand new "special effects" transitions. (Yes, you can even get the "Shake" effect! )
Turn On The Dimming Switch (Background Shading)  — With this feature alone, you can grab the immediate attention of your visitors by dimming the background of your page, and placing your popover in the eyes of your visitor.
Automatic Code Insertion You do not have to touch the HTML code again unless you're a glutton for punishment.  Just point Instant PopOver to your page and it takes care of the rest (And it backs everything up for you too)


Your Message Will Be Seen, Guaranteed! — It's Totally
Unstoppable By Any Browser or Popup Blocker”

I designed this software to handle every pop-up advertising need I could think of.  And it uses the latest web technology to ensure that it will never be blocked by any popup blocker.

The PopOvers cannot be blocked because they are actually part of the webpage!

Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, whatever you have is not enough to stop it from delivering its message.

Your "attention-grabbing" message gets delivered to 100% of your visitors... 100% of the time.